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I am Carlos..

Amazing how time passes by and life changes around us..I refresh this site every now and the...for as I want to communicate the latest version of myself instead of writing some standard text.. as of today May 15.2023 somethings will never change with me, like: living and loving music as my life and work. I studied Composition, previously classical piano and modern Harmony in europe since the year 2000 between Spain and Germany.


I am a composer.I have always been composing, even when I had no clue how it was done. so yes..I am creator and my open mind has led me to study many languages and esthetics with the contemporary music and popular musical styles. This has permited me to work in very different projects and to fund myself various projects with different musical languages. Further more of what I think or have studied, I guess you are defined for what you do, and I am an active composer with a very cool modern jazz quintett, a Beat Electrocumbia project, I compose and produce music for theater and contemporary dance and one of my passions is writing for big ensembles like Big Bands, Wind Orchestras, String Quartets, choir or just experimenting with electronic sounds and no score! Through out my life as a composer I have been also conducting now for more than 10 years. All round my work is defined for being original and in some cases hardly classifiable. I have also worked for comercial media.

Thanks for stepping by! get in touch in case you want to know more or something concretely.

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